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Meet Dinah Green!

Originally from the UK, Dinah has been a permanent Cayman resident since 1998.
Having previously worked in Human Resources in the UK, and with a passion for people, Dinah has
worked predominantly in the real estate sector for the past last 15 years.

Dinah has extensive local business contacts and is very well positioned to advise anyone wishing to rent
or purchase real estate, and can guide them through the whole process, whether it’s securing a tenancy
or buying a home. Dinah treats each of her Clients as unique, and she believes in offering a very personal
service, tied closely to the individual needs of that Client.

She believes that Cayman is in a very strong position as a good long term prospect for real estate
investment. As the most developed and affluent economy in the Caribbean, Cayman is attracting many
new businesses and residents, which in turn creates an ongoing demand for residential and commercial
real estate, which is not predicted to change any time soon.

Outside of real estate, Dinah is a business entrepreneur and the proud owner of her own Design Studio
business, which she established over 3 years ago. Having trained as a Surface Pattern Designer at Art
College back in the UK, she is very involved in the Arts Community in Cayman.