Home Inspectors and New Builds

Having an independent inspector review your new home can give you piece of mind and catch potential problems. Professional builders will tell you it’s good to have an additional set of eyes on the home to catch mistakes. Of course it would be nice to have your inspector out to the home each day but this doesn’t make financial sense in most cases. There are basically three critical times to have your inspector check the house out while it’s being built.

Before Backfill

Your new home’s foundation is such a big part of the structure. As the old cliche goes, it all starts with the foundation. So a great time to have your inspector check out the progress is just before backfilling the foundation. If your new home has a basement, the inspector will be able to review the waterproofing, drainage system, footing, and foundation wall all at once. This inspection will take less than an hour but can save you endless headaches if something was missed.

After Insulation

All of the rough mechanical systems go in prior to insulation. This includes the ducts, water supply piping, drain piping, and electrical. Because these are such a critical part of the functionality of a new home, it’s a good idea to thoroughly check them out prior to concealing them. Insulation is installed just prior to drywall hang so this is a good time for your home inspector to come out. By stopping out to the job site prior to drywall, the inspector will be able to review all mechanical systems and insulation for quality.

This inspection is also a good time to review the structural framing. Things like load bearing points, beam and column sizes, and truss bracing are all details for your inspector to review at this frame stage. The frame and mechanical inspection can take up to two hours to perform.

Prior to Closing

At this point, the home should be 100 percent complete. By having your inspector come in at this stage, he/she will be able to review the finished product. This is the most common new home inspection performed but it’s the least effective since all of the major home components are already covered up.

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