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Homeowners, hoping to sell their homes, and potential buyers, who want to buy, the home, of their dreams, and what many consider, their part of the American Dream, need, and deserve, the finest possible, service, and representation, from their real estate agent! Licensed agents only make an income, when/ if, they bring about a meeting – of – the – minds, between buyer and seller, and, while, some, casual observers believe, this is basic, and obvious, it, actually, generally, requires a combination of skills, and activities, in a well – considered way, and a degree of professionalism, and valuable expertise. With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 basic keys, effective real estate agents. must use effectively, and take advantage of.

1. Pricing strategy: Your buyer, nearly always, wants to pay the lowest, possible, price, with the best terms, and, with the least amount of hassle! What price, should one offer/ recommend, and, why? Should the asking/ listing price, be offered, a higher offer, or a somewhat, lower one? Every real estate market, is different in some ways, such as: local factors; supply and demand (inventory); time – on – market; competition; specific property’s characteristics and condition, etc. Agent and client must work, as a team, and proceed, on the same – page, to maximize their strategic position!

2. Competitive Market Analysis (CMA): Most sellers realize they should base their listing price, on the results of a professionally, designed, Competitive Market Analysis, or CMA, but, too few buyers, understand, how much, it might benefit them, to proceed, in a similar way. Unless/ until, buyers understand, and recognize, the essential, value, of proceeding, this way, their results often suffer!

3. Open – houses: When, a listing agent, is, also the selling one, he must discuss, with his client, whether, using an Open House, might be beneficial, in terms of getting the specific house, sold! This, also, depends, largely, on, the price range, specific region/ area, and a variety of other relevant factors!

4. Showings: To a degree, getting a house sold, is directly related to the number of qualified, quality showings, etc. There is, both, an art and a science, to effectively, showing, marketing, and selling a house!

5. Marketing/ advertising: It’s important to proceed, throughout the process, with a well – considered, thoroughly explained, Marketing Plan, which explains advertising, and the reasons, a specific approach, is recommended.

6. Teamwork: Best results come, when superb teamwork, is established, and used, from the onset! Homeowners must understand their responsibilities, and the buyers, you represent, must know the best way, for them, to get the most desirable results!

These, briefly, are 6 key steps, when effectively, and professionally, used, get the best, possible results! Since, for most people, their house represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t that make sense?

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