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Since, for most of us, the value of one’s house represents our single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to hire the best real estate professional, to serve and represent you, as well as advise you, every – step, along the way? In the United States, it is estimated, there are more than one million. licensed agents, so how does one know, who to hire? The reality is, all agents are not created equal, and, thus, it is wise to recognize, realize, and understand, some of the ways, using a great professional, makes a significant difference, to his client. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 of these ways.

1. Tell you what you need to know: Beware of hiring someone, who simply tells you, what he feels, you want to hear, or will help him, get your listing. Rather, it is wise to hire someone, who will, tell you what you need you need to know, instead of simply, what you want to hear (TM). Great agents understand, both, strengths, and weaknesses, realistically, and are equipped to make recommendations, and suggestions, to address the areas of weakness, while most effectively, using the strengths, accentuating the positive, and attracting the most interest, from qualified, potential buyers!

2. Explain reasoning, strategy, and marketing plan: It never serves any client’s advantage, to deny reality, or over – promise. One should thoroughly explain his reasoning, and strategy, and why he recommends a specific, marketing plan, at this exact period of time, for your home. When, client and agent, work together, as a team, from the beginning, and the homeowner understands, how important doing so, is, results, usually, benefit!

3. Teamwork – on same page: It takes well – considered, consistent teamwork, to ensure, agent and homeowner, remain on the same page, throughout the transaction period. To do so, the client must have faith in the integrity, and effectiveness, of the individual, he hires!

4. Local real estate market expertise: Much about real estate, is, local, in – nature! The reality is, some areas, geographically, perform, far better, than others, for a variety of reasons. Being knowledgable, about the local conditions, etc, permits the best agents, to price, the property, right, from the start, as well as using the best advertising, and promotional techniques!

5. Hand – holding, even guidance: Real estate transaction periods, often, create a variety of challenges/ obstacles, and one needs, representation, by, someone, who is ready, willing, and able, to hold – hands, and provide, even guidance, and a comforting manner!

6. Negotiating/ Closing/ Preparation: The finest agent, constantly, prepares, and learns, so his negotiating skills, are, exceptional! He must know how to close, a deal, and be thoroughly, prepared, for the best interests, of his client!

Choose your real estate professional carefully, and it will make a difference, for the better! Be a wise homeowner, and hire someone, who’s best, for you!

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