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Buying a holiday home overseas has become an increasingly popular form of investment for millions of people, with the majority of investors opting to buy waterfront real estate ahead of a villa or apartment inland. The main reason for this is due to the high rental yields often associated with waterfront real estate compared to property for sale in more remote locations.

The kudos of owning a beach house fuels overseas property markets and drives up prices in many mature investment locations like the Cote d’azur in France, Puerto Banus in Spain and Lake Como in Italy with investors now buying up waterfront real estate in new areas such as Antalya and Bodrum in Turkey.

Property for sale in Turkey is now very much a hot spot for people looking to buy an apartment or villa overseas, with Istanbul, the Bodrum Peninsula and the Antalya region offering the best investment returns with 12% yields available within certain areas. New emerging markets include the historical town of Gallipoli known as Gelibolu in Turkey, where you can find untouched beaches and beautiful sea front homes for sale. This up and coming beach town attracts 50,000 visitors each season, many of which travel from the US, France and the UK to visit the famous war memorial which marks the resting place of fallen soldiers during the battle of Gallipoli during the first World War.

Most people are unaware that the economy in Turkey is growing at a rapid pace with a 11% growth surpassing $742 billion this first quarter thus becoming the fastest growing economy in the world. Since 2008 over 63,085 individual homes have been sold to more than 73,103 different foreigners with a high proportion opting for beach property.

The Cayman Islands is another popular property investment zone that attracts investors. Mainly due to the many tax benefits, beautiful beaches and luxurious ocean front property that provides stunning sea views and high rental yields to enjoy. Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Islands and it is here you will find the famous seven mile beach that is home to the rich and famous. Prices are not cheap in this up market overseas property destination with many ocean front villas and beach apartments for sale in excess of $1,000,000.

A good example of waterfront real estate for sale in the Cayman Islands would be the luxurious deck houses in Grand Cayman. These properties offer the ultimate in quality and are superior to the mass of ocean front homes available overseas.

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