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Training a new real estate agent can be exasperating for a broker. The amount of time needed training new agents can very taxing on a broker’s schedule. Although brokers spend a good amount of time on training it’s usually never enough because there is so much material to cover.

Where most Brokers go wrong is when they give some of the basic training the new agent, they will assign the agent the task of watching videos made by top-notch real estate trainers. Everything these trainers teach them is true and accurate. So where does everything go wrong?

Just about all of the agent training that is available is for agents that have acquired some experience, let’s say about a year’s worth. When you take agents that are wet behind the ears subject them to this advanced training they get discouraged and dropout.

In some cases brokers are using videos they purchased a long time ago and all of the tried-and-true methods that were being used at that time have become obsolete. One example of that would be “cold-calling” which is building a list of phone numbers for an area and having an agent or agents call homeowners in an attempt to get listings. Cold calling doesn’t work anymore for two major reasons, A great majority of people have signed up for the Do-not-call list and agents have to make sure they do not call these people or they could be subjected to a heavy fine. The second big reason is most people are now using answering devices and caller ID, so they can screen their calls and decide if they should pick up the phone.

If they don’t know who you are they will not take your call.

The type of training a new agent needs is quite different from the standard training is being offered today. It’s training that will start them out to do the simple things that go on in the real estate business. Making appointments, showing a house, how to encourage a buyer to make an offer, the right way to run an open house, and that’s just for starters! There are many other things that will take a lot of time to learn so brokers often neglect this type of training and do it piecemeal. It can be frustrating for a new agent waiting for answers if the broker is not available. This is where this type of training becomes invaluable.

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