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From the mountains to the valley, there are many types of Salt Lake City real estate to choose from.


Cabins nestled into the mountains on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley are a great place to escape for those who have a home in the valley (or nearby). Besides providing a getaway spot, cabins can be an investment.

Many come to ski at one of Utah’s many resorts. Some will stay at the resort itself, while others would like to relax a few miles away from the resort in a cabin. Buying a cabin as an investment may be a good idea, if you have the money for a long-term investment. There are some tax repercussions if you rent out the cabin, so be aware of that. You will also have to clean the cabin between visitors, or pay someone to clean it for you.

If you are relocating:

There is a lot to do in or near Salt Lake City. You can hike and ski in the nearby mountains, or attend one of Salt Lake’s excellent theatres. But before you are able to settle down and enjoy Salt Lake City, you’ll want to find a place to live.

Salt Lake City real estate/residential:

Like most other cities, Salt Lake City offers a variety of residential real estate. The city has apartments, small homes, and luxury homes. There are not many lots for sale within the city itself, but there is still a lot of room for growth in Salt Lake’s suburbs.

To the west and southwest of Salt Lake there are several new and developing communities where you can get a great buy on a new home. If you aren’t interested in a new home, there are many nice homes that have been around for a few years, and others (while still nice) have been around for ages.

Of course, you will have your own preference as to the age of your house. There are other things that will help you make a good decision on the area you choose to live in. A real estate agent will be able to help you find a neighborhood with a low crime rate that is located close to a good elementary, middle, or high school.

If you are relocating you will also want to consider that Salt Lake City is in the process of expanding its public transportation, mainly light rail. If you are interested in using public transportation you may want to move close to the light rail.

Salt Lake City real estate/commercial:

Salt Lake offers many types of office space. There are buildings where you can lease one office, or a whole floor for your company. If you are relocating your business to Salt Lake City, or if your business is already in Salt Lake, but you are expanding, there are several real estate agencies that specialize in commercial real estate.

Finding real estate:

You can look for both commercial and residential real estate in Salt Lake City’s two most popular newspapers, The Deseret News, and The Salt Lake Tribune. You can also contact a realtor who specializes in Salt Lake City real estate.

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