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Today’s lender guidelines and current state of the selling market has made it tough on homeowners to sell their house during these times. What can you as a homeowner do to quicken the buying process for your buyer prospects? The following are some helpful tips to sell your house fast!

Make the most cost effective improvements. Plaster and touch-up those small cracks. Power wash the dingy looking driveway!

Create Space! Take out that unnecessary table or chair open up your windows!

Add mirrors but don’t add too many! Paint your dark colored walls using a lighter shade. Wallpaper is inexpensive, quick, and simple. The right wallpaper can brighten the room or hallway and bring it back to life. Make sure to choose something with a neutral design or pattern.

Make sure you add closet space by using organizers to give the feel of bigger compartments.

Your house must not smell! At the very minimum spray fragrance throughout your house! Carpets must be steam cleaned to give the fresh just-cleaned smell.

House plants give a healthy warmness to houses and they are inexpensive too!

Don’t forget to take a look over the kitchen and bath. Sometimes a quick soap and water treatment over the cabinets give them their shine!

Drive around your block and up to a mile radius to check what your possible competition is doing. Do you really want to stick with your house price because you think that it is what your neighbor thinks its worth? Be reasonable with your price and leave your personal value aside, after all you are set on selling!

Finally you house must be shown! Don’t act distressed and talk about the urgency in selling until the deal is closed.

You should always have in mind when to decide to leave this to the professionals if things get out of hand.

Of course you can always just sell the house to investors like us and not have to worry about any of these problems!

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