selling houses: Selling Houses: No Such Thing As One Size – Fits All!


Homeowners, seeking to sell their homes, for whatever, reasons, which are personal to them, must carefully hire the right agent for them, and their needs, and personal situation. The one you hire, and you, must remain, on the same – page, if you hope, to achieve, the most desirable results. For most people, this includes some combination, of obtaining the best possible, available price, in the shortest, possible, period of time, and with the least stress, and/ or hassle! However, everyone has different needs, and priorities, as well as personal circumstances, which might make certain factors, a greater priority, than others. There is no such thing, as one – size – fits – all, when it comes to the best way, to achieve the personal objective, etc. Discuss your priorities, thoroughly, and completely, with potential agents, and hire someone, who understands, and respects, your needs, and priorities. With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, what this means, and why, real estate agents, need to possess the creativity, strength of character, and inner fortitude, to effectively serve and represent their clients.

1. What is the priority of the seller?: Before creating, and implementing, any marketing, and/ or sales strategy, the agent and homeowner, must clearly communicate, so the real estate professional, knows, appreciates, understands, and honors, the main objective, need, and priority of his client. Remember, both legally, and ethically, a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, and/ or Associate Broker (in New York State), it is incumbent upon a professional, to protect and respect, his client’s fiduciary information, and personal privacy. One must seek to serve and represent the homeowner’s best interest, while maintaining adherence to legal requirements. How can you help sell a house, if you don’t clearly know, and understand, the homeowner’s goals, priorities, and perceptions? The better the communication, from the start, the easier the process!

2. What’s most important to the homeowner?: One must not believe, every homeowner’s most important priority, is always, price! While, obviously, people like to get the best price, for some, the time it takes, to close the transaction, and sell the property, is more essential. There is sometimes, a somewhat, fine – line, between, these two considerations, and the wise agent, doesn’t assume he knows, but has a thorough conversation, and seeks a meeting – of – the – minds.

Hire the right person to represent you, and your best interests. When an agent and client, proceed, on the same – page, the homeowner benefits!

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