selling houses: Selling Your Own House – What Are the Pros and Cons of Not Using an Agent to Sell Your Home?


Have you thought about selling your own house? The reason many people seem to go through the home selling process on their own is mainly to save money! If you consider that the average agent’s fee is somewhere between 5%-7% of your total sale price, perhaps you can understand why many others have decided to sell their properties themselves.

If you wish to sell your own house, you first need to be fully aware of the disadvantages. An agent is obviously a professional and knows the industry inside out. There are many legal issues that can cause you problems, but an agent will know exactly how to handle these. Also being a professional, they will know how to negotiate with other agents, brokers and potential buyers. Additionally, if your home does prove popular, your agent can deal with the constant calls and enquiries from buyers.

The advantages of selling your own house include – well you save yourself the massive fee for a start. You are the one in charge, so you decide when to hold house showings. You decide where you are going to advertise. Another important consideration when selling your home is that you should realise an agent is not solely looking to sell your property. They will no doubt have a large portfolio of clients to deal with. This can often mean that an agent may have more important cases to deal with.

However, when selling your own house, you will be 100% committed to getting your home on the market and getting the best price you can. This doesn’t have to be a difficult task either. There are numerous websites and research materials dedicated to help you get that sale!

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