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After more than a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have often, been asked, if there’s a best – time, to sell one’s house. While a house, can be effectively marketed, and sold, at nearly any time, statistics indicate, more homes, are sold, during, what is referred to, as the Spring Market, than during other periods. However, it’s important to realize, however, there is generally, far more competition, during that period, as well! If you want to sell your home, during that period, it’s important to know the competition, and be prepared, and competitive, Hiring the right, real estate agent, to meet your needs, goals, and expectations, who will help you, position the house, effectively and efficiently, is an essential part of this process! Ask your agent, how to price it right, from the start.

1. Pricing: When you know, and understand, the local real estate market, and agree on a relevant, professionally considered, pricing strategy, your chances are optimized. When there are more houses on the market, there are generally, more buyers, as well as sellers, and, so, much has to do, with the specific house, neighborhood, relevant factors, and financial issues (such as mortgage interest rates, real estate taxes, etc). In recent years, there has been less emphasis on seasonal marketing of houses, and we have witnessed, a greater number of sales, throughout the year!

2. Why are you selling?: Are you selling, because you have to, or because, you want to? What are your personal motivations? Do you know your true needs? How quickly do you need to sell, and why? Are you focusing on the bigger – picture, or, not? Is your move, based on job – related issues, requiring relocation, family needs (size, conditions, schools, safety), or personal financial challenges, or improvements? Are you hoping to upgrade, or down – size? Know your reasons, be realistic, hire the right agent (for you), and attempt to proceed, in a logical (rather than merely, emotional) way!

3. Have you found your new home, already?: Obviously, if you have already, committed to buying a new home, there may be more pressure, on you, to sell your existing house. Discuss, in detail, with your real estate professional, so you plan, accordingly, from the onset.

Home selling is no longer, merely seasonal, yet, the best time to put one’s house on the real estate market, varies, based on individual needs, circumstances, and your local market conditions! A wise, prepared seller, is generally, the one, who gets the results, he seeks!

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