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Why do, a very small percentage of licensed, real estate agents, perform the vast majority of all the listings, done? What are the key components, and necessities of presenting the finest possible, most effective, meaningful listing presentation, which might make it, stand – out, in a positive way, from others, and, thus, inspire and motivate, homeowners, to decide, you are the right one, for them to hire? While certain agents, either because of specific personal relationships, with a potential client, or referrals, and/ or, deference, might obtain listings, because of these factors, for the rest of the real estate professional, it’s important to focus on these 5 necessities, of presenting, effectively, and in the most, professional way. We will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these, in this article.

1. Professionally designed, Competitive Market Analysis (CMA): Anyone might create, introduce, and present, a Competitive Market Analysis, or CMA, but, for those, who wish to make a difference, for the better, it’s essential, to create a truly, professional one! This must contain a vast majority of important ingredients/ components, which position a specific listing, in the most advantageous light/ position, to get it to sell, in the shortest possible period of time, at the most favorable price, with a minimum of hassle! Beware of any agent, who presents a potential client, with the suggestion of a significantly higher listing price, than others, because, doing so, often harms the end – result! Remember, it’s about selling price, not what it’s listed at! The process should carefully, examine and consider, similar houses, in the specific area, which have sold in the recent past, as well as what is currently, on the market. Discuss the marketing and pricing strategy, and how they relate, and why, a specific approach, might make the most sense, for a specific property!

2. Area – specific: While there may be national, housing trends, the one which matters, must be area – specific, and based on what is going on in a specific neighborhood, region, area, and perhaps, even in closest proximity, to the target block!

3. Trends/ projections: A thorough, consideration, and examination, of the recent trends, as well as the projections, are essential, to the finest quality representation!

4. Personalize/ service: How one personalizes his listing presentation, emphasizing approaches, options, and a client’s needs, and situation, must align with the highest level of service and representation, one will offer! It’s important to discuss the homeowner’s benefits, in selecting you, in a positive, focused way!

5. Fiduciary, and client’s needs: Selling any specific property, must adhere to an agent’s strictest fiduciary responsibilities, including protecting privacy, and specifically, addressing the client’s unique needs, priorities, etc.

Homeowners should understand these 5 necessities of being represented, in order to wisely select, and hire, the best agent, for his specific needs, and house. The agent/ homeowner, or agent/ client relationship, is the most essential consideration!

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