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Selling real estate is a tough proposition, whether you are a home owner or a realtor. However, there are some tools that you can use to improve your chances of a sale by attracting the attention of potential customers. Once you decide you want to sell a property, you have the gigantic task of getting the word out there so everyone knows that the house is available. Putting up real estate signs near the property and at other relevant locations is an effective way to spread the word.

Some homeowner associations may have rules pertaining to putting up these signs in your yard. It is important to ensure that you are not breaking any size or placement restrictions while putting up the For Sale signs.

Signs by Owners

For Sale by Owner signs are put up by home owners who do not want to take help from any realtor. These signs are generally simple as they have little information that needs to be included.

For Sale Signs by Agents

Real estate signs put up by realtors have to include much more information. Such signs serve the dual purpose of attracting a potential customer’s attention toward the property, and of promoting the brokerage and agent. Generally, these signs contain the name and address of the brokerage, office phone number, company logo, and web site information. Some signs may also include additional panels with information such as price reduction, actual asking price, and agent’s cell phone number.

Placement of Signs

The basic reason for putting up the sign is to gain the attention of any potential buyer or interested party. Once you have designed the perfect sign, it has to be placed well for it to have a maximum effect.

  • One vital aspect to remember is that the sign has to be visible from the street. While placing the sign, you need to factor in the existence of parked cars, trees, and even telephone poles that might affect the visibility of the sign.
  • It is a marvelous idea to place the sign near the sidewalk.
  • For homes located at corners, it might be prudent to install two signs – one on each street.
  • There is no point in placing signs at places that do not attract too many visitors. If the house is at a faraway location where traffic is limited, consider asking home owners who live closer to busy streets whether you could place directional signage in their yard.

Signs that give real estate information are an effective and inexpensive way to advertise the property. You can customize these signs to meet all your requirements.

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