selling real estate: The EACEFAMS To Choose Your Real Estate Agent


When it comes time, to either, sell your home, or seek to buy, one of your own, an important decision and consideration should, and must be, to hire the best real estate agent, for your specific needs, goals, priorities, and personality. It takes more than one factor, and someone, who might be ideal, for someone else, many not be the best fit, for you! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what I refer to, as the EACEFAMS for choosing your real estate professional.

1. Empathy: It is essential to select someone, with genuine empathy, who focuses on your needs, goals, and priorities. Your first hint, often, is when you first meet, does the individual listen, far more than he speaks. How can anyone, serve you effectively and thoroughly, until/ unless, he truly cares about you, and gets to know, what you want, need, and seek?

2. Articulate: Seek an agent, willing to clearly articulate his approaches, services, and why you should hire him. If the individual is unable to inspire you, when discussing himself, how will he be able to serve and represent, your personal best interests?

3. Communicate: Effective communication is a two – way street, and, therefore, seek a professional, who takes the time, and makes the effort, to effectively communicate, with you, and for your best interests! Quality representation requires the utmost ability to clearly communicate, with you, as his client, as well as potential qualified buyers (if you’re selling), or appropriate sellers (if you’re purchasing).

4. Effective: Consider how efficiently, quickly, thoroughly and effectively, any potential agent, responds to any question, concern, etc. How quickly does he reply to emails, etc? This will help you know, is he will be an effective surrogate, on your behalf!

5. Follow – up: If you ask a question, and the agent says, he’ll get the information for you, does he? Inquire his methodology for following up, on leads, and with his clients. What is his system?

6. Action plan: Ask about the actual, action plan, and reasoning, rather than empty rhetoric and/ or promises? What are the details of his customized, action plan, in terms of how, he will serve and represent, your best interests?

7. Marketing plan: Get the customized ideas, and details, of his suggested marketing plan. What are the core components, and why? Listen to the reasons, and reasoning, and ask lots of questions? Don’t proceed, until you are satisfied with the responses!

8. Strategies/ selling: Review the strategies, and specific reasons. How will these transform to the goal of selling, at the best price, and conditions, or buying a house, which meets your needs, and means?

These EACEFAMS concepts, should help you select the best agent for you. Take the time, because it’s in your best interests!

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