real estate cayman islands: The Bahamas as an Offshore Jurisdiction

Bahamian banking secrecy is somewhat misleading in that that banking institutions are prohibited from divulging a clients or account holders information to a third party without the clear consent of the account holder (think Americans may have to sign waivers when opening an account) or under a Bahamian court order. The bad part is that banking institutions are freely permitted to divulge that a...

selling real estate: Real Estate in the Bahamas – How to Sell Your Island Property in a Down Market

The scenery is better and the gentle breezes coming off the ocean are second to none, but trying to sell real estate in the Bahamas can be just as challenging as other parts of the world when the real estate market is in a slump.During these slumps, researching to find a qualified Realtor and taking special steps to market your real estate effectively can mean the difference between property that sells...

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