selling real estate: 5 Things A Real Estate CMA Must Consider!

Whether, you are a homeowner, who decides to sell your home, or a qualified buyer, seeking to purchase, a home, of your own, it makes sense to hire, a quality, professional, real estate agent, to effectively, serve and represent you, your needs, and priorities, and personal, best interests! One of the first, essential steps, in this process, should be using, a professionally designed, relevant,...

real estate: 6 Key Components/ Factors In A Real Estate CMA

The best, finest, and most meaningful/ relevant way, for real estate agents, to explain, professionally, their reasoning, marketing and selling plans, is to create a thorough, Competitive Marketing Plan, or, CMA, and explain it thoroughly, to their potential, and existing clients! This must be, more than, merely, a cursory, explanation, and examination, of home prices, but, rather, must become a key part...

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