selling real estate: Real Estate Listing Agents: Focus On These 5 Necessities

Why do, a very small percentage of licensed, real estate agents, perform the vast majority of all the listings, done? What are the key components, and necessities of presenting the finest possible, most effective, meaningful listing presentation, which might make it, stand - out, in a positive way, from others, and, thus, inspire and motivate, homeowners, to decide, you are the right one, for them to...

selling houses: Selling Houses: Focus on STRENGTHS!

As a Actual Property Licensed Salesperson, within the State of New York, for properly over a decade, I've, usually, been requested, what one of the simplest ways, to promote a home. is perhaps. Whereas there are lots of concerns, together with correct pricing, one of the simplest ways to market the particular home, the competitors, and so on, I usually advocate, after these requirements have been...

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