selling real estate: 6 Issues Which Impact Real Estate House Pricing!

Since, we are currently, experiencing, an historic period, regarding the ever - increasing, prices, many houses, seem to be selling, for, some people, seem to think, this is the way, the real estate market, always is, rather than considering the bigger = picture! In fact, historically, this market, often, fluctuates, sometimes, proceeding, as a sellers - market, while, at other times, as a buyers, or...

selling houses: Interest Rates And Buying/Selling A House: 4 Issues

After the past several years, of record low, interest rates, and therefore, historically low, mortgage rates, many individuals, have begun to believe, that is the norm, when it has been anything, but! For many years, mortgage rates were approximately 8.5%, but, of course, we also, witnessed extended periods, where banks, also, paid between 4% and 5%, on deposits. In the past few years, we experienced,...

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