selling real estate: How Quality Real Estate Agents SHOW A House?

Although, there are many necessities of being a quality, real estate agent, one of the things, often - overlooked, is how, they will actually, SHOW the specific house. After all, agents only earn - their - keep, when/ if, they make a difference, for the better, in terms of marketing, and selling, any house, they represent! The next time you observe, for example, an Open House, observe, how someone shows...

selling houses: Is There, A Best Way To SHOW A House?

Why does it, often, seem, two, similar houses, both listed, on the real estate market, receive far different results, etc? While, there are many ways, and reasons, this happens, including, pricing, location, competition, strengths and weaknesses, etc, one, often - ignored, factor, is, sometimes, how they SHOW a particular house! This begins with the initial, hiring process, and, who, one selects, as...

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