selling real estate: How to Successfully Sell My Property Without an Agent?

For sale by owner' can save you a huge fee when you eliminate the typical 7 percent commission fee for the real estate agents. Homeowners, who are worried about selling their house without an agent, remember that it is a learning process. Price your home rightIf you are one of those people who don't know the actual value of their own house, don't worry, you are not alone. A home's fair market value...

selling houses: The AMEN Of Successfully, Selling Houses

Since, for many of us, our home, represents our single - greatest, monetary asset, does not it make sense, for these, contemplating promoting their residence, to reap the benefits of a method, which is able to assist, get the best, doable outcomes, and so forth? After over a decade, as a Actual Property Licensed Salesperson, within the state of New York, I've tried to focus, on a few of the key ideas and...

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